Curtis Davies has said that his team Hull City must find the net on a consistent basis in the remaining part of the ongoing season to make sure that they don’t suffer relegation.

The Tigers haven’t scored even a single goal in their last 3 league games and as a result, they have lost each one of them. They have moved down to no. 13 in the league table now and have slowly started to drift towards that relegation zone.

It’s not that the opportunities aren’t being created by the Hull City players, but, those opportunities aren’t being pounced on properly and that’s why, the goals aren’t coming.

In their last league outing against Crystal Palace, the Tigers were the favourites, but, they finished on the losing side in that game too and that would have brought their confidence level completely down.

Talking to the reporters at the end of that game against Crystal Palace, Davies said, “Again, we couldn’t make the most of the opportunities that we got and it’s gutting. We are not going to secure points playing this way. We’ve got to find the net.”

“We were a bit unlucky too. That header was off target, but, unfortunately, Puncheon got it on his foot and he is too good to miss out on those chances.”

“We will have to work as hard as we can during the training sessions and then see if we can pull off something extraordinary against the Spurs this weekend.”

Hull’s match against Tottenham will take place on the first day of the next month at the Kingston Communications Stadium.
The last time that Hull had faced Tottenham was in October last year. That was a Carling Cup game and had ended in a draw.