The rumours of Abel Hernandez being chased by the Gunners

The rumours of Abel Hernandez being chased by the Gunners have not amused Steve Bruce one bit and he has labelled all those news stories as total rubbish.

Hull City, with the results so far, seems to be well on its way to be promoted to Premiership.

They are topping the English second tier and the contribution of Hernandez in that has been huge. So, according to Bruce, there is just no point selling him or anyone at this time.

Bruce also revealed that he had interacted with Arsenal coaching staff three-four days back to enquiry of a loan move and they dropped no hints in that conversation that they were looking to have Hernandez on board this winter.

Most of the fans and also, the pundits are opined that although the Gunners have got most of the areas covered and they are well and truly in the fight for the title in the Premiership, what they are short of, in comparison to the other teams, is a forward who is skilful as well as aggressive and can take the game to the opposition on his own.

Hernandez is someone who fits the bill in aggression, but, he had featured in Premiership in the 2014-15 Season, which was his first one in England, and he had struggled to cope with the level of Football.

However, his recent showings in Championship suggest that he is getting used to English Football now.

He has netted at a fantastic rate for Hull lately. And, thus, it’s easily understandable why Bruce is adamant not to let go of him right now.

The Hull boss was quoted as saying, “There are always rumours in media nowadays and some of them are utter rubbish to be frank.”