Curties Davies signed with the newly promoted Premier League side Hull City on earlier this year and after a series of outstanding performances for his team he has quickly turned himself into an important player for the squad.

The English defender admitted to having desires of representing his national team for the upcoming World Cup. The last time Davies was called up by England occurred in 2008 as Fabio Capello wanted to play him in a friendly match against Germany back in 2008 but the player said that he would like the chance to be picked.

“There are very good players playing there for England but nothing, I think, head and shoulders above me.It’s not like the Rio Ferdinands, John Terrys and Sol Campbells of olds. If, God forbid, there are injuries, he hasn’t really looked at anyone else and maybe won’t know what they have to offer’’.

“I’ve no illusion that I should be picked but I’d like to think that, if my form was allowing me to come close, then I’d like to get a sniff’’. Davies told The Independent.

Hull City is nearing one of their busiest months of this season as they have to play 7 Premier League matches in the month of December and with a rock bottom spot in the standings, they cannot afford to drop anymore points if they want to avoid the relegation zones.

“We need more urgency again. Against Palace, we passed it and passed it to death and when we did get anywhere in and around the box, we didn’t want to pull the trigger.

“Maybe we need to be a bit more direct. Not in terms of going long ball, but getting it wide and forward with a bit more pace. That’s what we did well at the start of the season.” Davies said.