Curtis Davies wants Steve Bruce to stay as manager of Hull City

Curtis Davies has stated that he wants Steve Bruce to remain as the manager of the club.

Despite having brought the club the back to the Premier League one year after having been relegated, there is news that Bruce might be leaving the club.

Davies said that the club needed Steve Bruce to stay as manager of the club. For him, it is thank to him that the players are still there and that they have succeeded in gaining promotion to the Premier League. He said that if a club wants to be successful there need to be some stability around the team. He stated that it is a team that has been assembled by Steve Bruce that has won the promotion, and he said that the team needs him if they want to be successful.

Davies added that if the team intends to stay in the Premier League there need to be some stability and that the manager should remain at the club. He said that he is happy for the team to have won the promotion to the Premier League and that they deserved it.

Curtis Davies said that he would have had problems to enjoy himself on his holidays if ever the team did not make it to the Premier League. He stated that it was a painful experience to be relegated and that he does not want to experience such feelings again.

He stated that the team will need to prepare well for next season as it is going to be tough in the Premier League. He admitted that it was quite tough to play in the Championship but that they will need to be even better if they want to survive in the Premier League.