Under-attack Hull City player Robert Snodgrass has issued a statement saying how sorry he was for cheating his way into getting Mike Phelan’s team an opening goal in Saturday’s 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace.

The Scotland international opened the scoring on the day after performing a theatrical dance in Palace’s 18-yard box despite no contact with supposed suspect Dan Scot and thus deceived referee Mike Jones into awarding Hull an undeserved penalty.

Making matters worse is the fact that had the match official made the right call, Snodgrass would have been sent off since he was already on a yellow card before entertaining spectators with his diving ability. After the match, Robert released an apology on his social media page:

“Apologies from my end, it was never a penalty. But genuinely thought defender was going to shade, so tried to ride the tackle,” he tweeted.

Hull manager Mike Phelan was not feeling much of it though. According to him, “The ref made the judgement and we’ve had many appeals turned down this season, so I am not going to complain.” Read More